Bindistrar for

What is this?

When you need to allow a bunch of people (e.g. students in your courses) to control the DNS records for a publicly-accessible domain: Bindinstrar will make it possible for you.

As an administrator (typically a professor) you can:

As a user (typically a student) you can:

All this for free! Well, it's free for you. I have to run a 24x7 server on a static IP address, register the main domain, and set my server up to be authoritative for it.

It's not easy, but you're welcome to set up your own Bindistrar. You can have it under a GPL licence. I do request that you let me know if you use it and where, so I don't feel so bad spending weeks of my time developing this software. The code is available in SVN:

svn checkout svn://

Questions, comments, bug reports, and patches are welcome! Please Contact me Thanks.

Thanks to BuddyNS for providing secondary DNS service without charging me for it.